Conference Themes


Project Teaching at K12 Schools in Vietnam

The focused discussion of the 2018 conference will be the “what” and “how” of project-based language teaching and learning experienced and applied by secondary school teachers across Vietnam.

Sub themes:

Project-based Teaching and Learning

-         Developing 21st century skills through Project-Based Learning

-         Intercultural competences in Project- Based Learning

-         Project-Based Learning in ESP classes

-         Effective ways in implementing projects at schools

-         Technology application in language projects

Technology-enhanced English language teaching and learning

-         Virtual learning environments

-         E-learning

-         Educational games and software

-         Mobile applications and learning (M-learning)

-         Emerging technologies in language teaching

-         Foreign language assessment software tools

English Language Teaching and Assessment

-         Teaching language skills

-         Teaching Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation

-         Classroom management

-         Learner autonomy

-         Formative assessment

-         Test design and development

-         Task-based teaching and learning.

Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP)

-         LSP Curriculum and material development

-         LSP Program Evaluation

-         LSP Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development

-         Languages for occupational and professional purposes

-         Challenges and solutions of LSP teaching and learning

-         Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

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