Conference Themes

Considering that the conference is a multi-sectoral forum, papers/presentation under each theme will be further determined by the organizing committee. The themes could be developed along the following lines: (i) livelihoods and linking to markets; (ii) cultural issues; (iii) natural resources and hazards; and (iv) human development. These themes are to be further refined and possibly consolidated as the inputs to the conference become available. Each thematic session would ensure that there is a practical lens to the presentations.

The content mobilization would involve several modalities: (i) invite pre-selected speakers who have been involved in implementing successful poverty reduction models with ethnic minorities in mountainous region around the world; (ii) A call for papers, especially from among research and technical institutions, both in Vietnam and other countries in Asia. This would follow the normal procedures, providing some guidelines on paper length and format and giving a deadline for submission; (iii) Invite presentation from graduate students who have worked with selected ethnic minority communities in Vietnam’s NM region to convey their experiences about ‘breakthrough’ experiences (i.e. success stories with new livelihood activities; adding-values to existing things; raising living standards, etc.) through short paper presentation, films, posters, etc. which could be viewed in the exhibition center; (iv) Invite selected participants from the ethnic minority communities who will present their experiences in participating in development of their communities.