About the Conference

This conference is co-hosted by Thai Nguyen University and World Bank in Vietnam



As Vietnam rapidly develops, remote ethnic minorities and rural households have often been left behind. Poverty continues to be predominately rural; more than 90 percent of the poor live in rural areas with ethnic minorities and rural households concentrated in mountainous regions. Ethnic minorities are nearly half of the remaining poor population. An international conference will be organized jointly between the World Bank and Thai Nguyen University in June 2014. The purpose of conference is to bring together representatives from government, academia, civil society, and the development partners to reflect on and discuss this issue, focusing on both the Vietnamese experience and international experience in promoting rural development among remote and dispersed rural mountainous communities.  The conference is to be structured in such a way as to motivate discussion and development of policy and project level recommendations.

Objectives of the Conference

The general objective of the conference is to launch a dialogue among government, country stakeholders (including civil society), and development partners on both the experience in the Northern Mountains of Vietnam and that in other countries and to determine how the development approach to this area could be improved. Specific objectives of this conference include:

1. To introduce the international experience of poverty reduction targeting ethnic minorities in mountainous and remote area, especially in the region having similar economic and geographical conditions.

2. To review and discuss (i) current programs/projects targeting ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountains region; and (ii) alternative options for Northern Mountain region in order to achieve more effective interventions.

3. To formulate a menu of policy and project options about potential poverty reduction initiatives that could be replicated in the region and presented to the local authorities for further consideration.